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CruiseSwingers' Vision Statement:

Provide an avenue for swingers to make connections with other swingers while on a cruise, vacationing, and locally.

Expanded Vision:

We envision an interactive web community where swingers can enhance their cruise and vacation experiences by planning rendezvous with other swingers from the community using the connection opportunities at Building connections among people in the lifestyle by providing an interactive meeting ground focused on furnishing the means and opportunity to meet like-minded people on your travels.

What is our Mission Statement?

This mission statement is crafted to provide a brief overview of the goals of our CruiseSwingers community. It is a work-in-progress carried forward by our members through their online and in-person (and in-bed!) interactions and suggestions.

Let's Play:

To truly experience sexual exploration we must open ourselves with a sense of passion and curiosity. Exploration can happen anywhere- alone in your room or halfway around the globe in a posh 5-star hotel bed with two devastatingly sexy women caressing your.... well, you get the picture.

Despite increasing acceptance of sexual discovery some of us may not be open to our own personal sexual exploration. Society poses many roadblocks to keep us from venturing freely into our sexuality. Imagine a community where everyone is completely devoid of restraints. Explore your fantasies, your passions, your dreams- opening yourself completely to carnal pleasure. At CruiseSwingers we aim to free every mind and body to discover the ultimate sexual pleasures by connecting community members that help fulfill each others' fantasies.

Connect (In More Ways Than One!)

We all have natural desires to experience physical pleasure and to share that with others. We form relationships with people that are similar to ourselves and physically located in close proximity. Imagine a community in which diversity is the key, where location plays no role in joining playmates since the purpose is to play while traveling.

Consider a fun, safe, and easy way to meet other like-minded people from all over the world in any location you plan to travel. What would it be like to fulfill your ultimate sexual fantasy in a country so foreign that even their ideas of sexuality are different. Think of the opportunities for creative pleasure!

At CruiseSwingers members can post all of their travel plans so that other swingers can find them. Members can also search locations, dates and cruises to connect with other swingers with similar destinations and interests. The sky is the limit to find your best playmates yet!

Mix Up Your Bedroom!

Once we have established a connection with our lifestyle community and begin discovering other members with similar interests and travel destinations we can begin to build our network. Venture into the unknown- add friends that have differing interests and have new ideas and experiences. Indulge yourself and connect with any variety of playmates. Experience sexual pleasures you had never even thought of yourself!

Find Your Perfect Playmates!

Have you explored your sexuality, experienced other people, other fantasies and passions? Have you made connections across the state, the country or the world? We envision a community in which everyone in the lifestyle has the opportunity to invite any number of diversified swingers into their bedrooms (and hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins, etc) to experience more pleasure than they even thought possible. Find your perfect playmates and plan your rendezvous using the CruiseSwingers searches, travel posts, friends networks and personal messaging.