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11 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Profile Photos

You've made the jump into the swinging lifestyle, created your profile on Cruise Swingers and now it's time to upload a profile photo.... but now you're stumped, right? You know how important a great photo is for your main profile picture since this is the first impression that other members get of you. Not to mention, profiles with great pictures get, on average, ten times more responses than profiles lacking photos. You've taken the time to create a profile, so take advantage of the first impression opportunity and reel in other sexy swingers with irresistible profile photos. Check out these photo tips to create your most captivating profile yet.

1. Use current photos.
This may seem obvious but it is a very common mistake (whether intentional or unintentional). Nobody wants to go for a first in-person meeting looking for a hot, in-shape, gorgeous 25-year-old just to find an older, fluffier, homier, more current version. You'd be surprised at the positive attention you can get just for being honest!

2. Profile photos should be rated R or less (no genital close-ups).
One of the most common mistakes with profile photos is posting closeup genital photos. Don't get me wrong, some nice wet pussy shots are hot and a great turn-on at the right time. When members see your profile for the first time your photo is their first impression. Everyone has genitals. Post something in your profile that makes you look unique or stand out.

There's another mistake- guys tend to think that their little buddy down there is not little, but in fact, God's gift to women and should be flaunted in their profile photo as that one thing that sets them apart from all the other guys. A few studies around the world have definitively shown that profiles featuring a dick shot as the main profile photo receive 80% fewer contacts from other members. After browsing through member after member the last thing women want to see is another dick that looked just like the last one.

Close-up genital photos can be really hot when that's what you're looking for so we don't want to miss out- post these photos in your private photo gallery.

3. Start with a quality photo.
This seems like another obvious one but this is a very common mistake. To identify a quality photo look for the following:
  • Photo is not too dark
  • Background is simple and does not draw attention away from you (the main subject)
  • No children in photo
  • No other people in photo unless they are also part of your profile (such as your significant other)
  • You (and your significant other if applicable) should be the focus of attention. Be sure you are not too small and overwhelmed by the surrounds.
  • Crop if necessary.

4. Don't post pictures taken in the mirror.

Pay somebody if you have to but do NOT use a photo taken in the mirror. Not only are they unoriginal and boring, the lighting is usually bad so a photo like this is usually very unflattering.

5. Photos should be of you, not a celebrity, a place or an object.

Other members want to see you, not someone else, a place you've been, a cartoon, your best finger painting or anything else.... just you (and your significant other if they are part of your profile).

6. No copyrighted photos unless you are the creator.

Posting photos that do not belong to you are illegal.If you don't own it or if you're not the subject matter don't post it.See above points.

7. No text in profile photos (emails, urls, web addresses, etc).
This is for your protection (sharing your email address in a public location can increase spamming opportunities for ill-meaning hackers) and avoid any copyright infringements.

8. Minimize blurred or blocked out areas in your profile photos.
It's ok to put a block through your eyes, or a smear across your face for your main profile photo. Keep in mind that other members want to see what they are getting but you also may want to keep the full face photos for your private gallery.

9. Make your main profile photo tasteful- no flipping the bird, etc).
Your main profile photo should be flattering, tasteful and enticing. Be original and creative and show off your best assets. Ladies, try lingerie, flirty gazes and poses, and showing a little cleavage. Leave some mystery but show enough to get them interested.

Guys, dress to impress. Choose a photo that showcases your best assets other than what's in your boxers. The ladies do love a sharp dressed man!

10. Don't post pictures of children.
Obviously kiddy porn is a big and illegal no-no but also do not include family photos or any other seemingly innocent photos with children in them.

11. Post photos of everyone in the profile.

Don't make one of the biggest and worst mistakes many swinger couples commit by posting 25 photos of the female and no photos of the guy. This is a major turn-off for other members. Include at least a few photos of both partners. It's also helpful to include face photos in your private photo gallery but is definitely not a requirement.

Most swingers are not only interested in your body but your face and personality too so if you give them a little taste of who you are they are more likely to come looking for more! If you have questions about what is appropriate for profile photos or your private gallery or just need some more pointers give us a shout at

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