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What's the best way to relax while on vacation? Sex, of course!

Swingers all over the world vacation in destinations as diverse as Cleveland to Naples, Las Vegas to Frankfurt, and Beijing to Sydney. What do all these vacationers have in common? They are seeking variety- food, culture, entertainment, and sex.

CruiseSwingers helps swingers to find other like-minded, sexy playmates in any location around the world.

By posting their travel plans, CruiseSwingers members can be found by other swingers that will be at the same destination at the same time. Use CruiseSwingers Travel to post your travel plans, whether you are going an hour from home or halfway around the world, for a day or for a month, so that other members can find you. Find swingers planning to visit your hometown or swingers traveling to your planned destination to diversify your play time.

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"Vacations always make my husband...playful to say the least, so we couldn't think of a better adventure to include in our most recent vacation than swinging. Thanks to CruiseSwingers this vacation was the hottest trip we've ever taken. We didn't limit our fun to just another couple or even just one night! We're already planning our next vacation and posting our travel plans on CruiseSwingers was the first thing we did!" - Dwight and Marie, TX

"We'll never plan a trip again without posting it to CruiseSwingers. We've always had happy endings. ;)" -L & T

"The fun, sexy couples we've met on CruiseSwingers and joined on vacation have brought that extra spark to our relationship. The excitement and anticipation of every vacation is multiplied exponentially when we know we'll be playing with a CruiseSwingers couple." - Zeban and Allysa, NC

"Absolutely sinful! The scrumptious couple we played with on our last business trip would make anyone want to combine business and pleasure! Thanks CruiseSwingers for making work a LOT more fun!" - Terry and Joyce, CA

Check out some of the latest swingers that have travel plans!

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