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Top Three Swinger Vacations

Being in the lifestyle offers many advantages and perks beyond sexual pleasure. Swingers enjoy a diverse range of travel opportunities and vacation destinations that are not open to vanillas (individuals and couples that are not swingers). As swinging becomes more socially acceptable more and more specialized resorts, activities and destinations have emerged that cater solely to swingers. Whatever activity or destination you enjoy there is a swing opportunity available- swing sailing charters in Thailand, swinger SCUBA weddings in the Caribbean, lifestyle resorts in Hawaii, nude beaches in Florida, Spain, and Italy...these are only a few examples of the plethora of lifestyle vacation opportunities available all over the world.
With all of these must-see swinger destinations how do you choose where to go and what to do? Vacationing swingers have made swing cruises, the Hedonism Resorts, and Desire Resort the top three swing vacation destinations.

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Takeover Cruises

Swinger-only cruises (takeover cruises) are the number one vacation choice for lifestyle couples. This all-inclusive vacation option offers the opportunity for swingers to experiment and be whatever they want to be. As the cruise ship carries you far away from the mainland, away from home and away from reality swingers often find themselves letting go of their inhibitions and being exactly what they've dreamed of being and trying everything they've been too inhibited to try back home. Free spirits, open minds and the hottest bodies in the lifestyle make swing cruises the most sought after lifestyle vacation.
Swing cruises feature succulent gourmet treats, themed parties, adult entertainment, clothing optional pool areas, swing rooms for themed sex experiences and endless activities at the ports of call. You can indulge in water sports like scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling and sailing or shop 'til you drop in the exotic shopping destinations. You can try out the local eateries or just stay on the cruise ship and enjoy the endless entertainment, beautiful bodies, and room service. Swing cruises are a smorgasbord of possibilities just waiting to be explored.

Hedonism Resorts

There are 2 Hedonism resorts on the beautiful Jamaican coastline; Hedonism II is located on Negril Beach and the smaller Hedonism III is at Runaway Bay. Both resorts are open to swingers and nudists for Au natural lounging or for a more interactive lifestyle vacation. Hedonist culture revolves around extracting not only sexual pleasure, but also mental and emotional regeneration through a soul-cleansing freedom of body, spirit and mind.
In addition to the many exquisite restaurants and bars found at each hedonism resort, you'll be tempted into late nights with parties, carnivals and themed weeks. You can play and party to your heart's content (and whatever other parts you'd like to make content) or you can bask in the sun and do absolutely nothing. You can make your Hedonism vacation whatever you want.

Desire Resort and Spa

This upscale all-inclusive resort located on the sleek, white beaches near Cancun, Mexico caters to nudists, swingers and pleasure-oriented individuals and couples. This resort offers spa services, gourmet restaurants, bars, clothing optional pools and nude beaches. You can meet other swing couples or bring your own friends. Sexual exploration is encouraged and pleasure and relaxation is the ultimate goal. Enjoy water sports on the clothing optional beaches, sexual play in the guest rooms or sun bathing by the pool with a fresh cocktail always at hand, or experience the ultimate relaxation with a couples spa treatment and full body nude massage. Desire vacations are everything you can envision.

Whether you prefer a pampering spa experience at Desire Resort, a sinful week of sexual exploration at a Hedonism resort or a collage of sensual entertainment, parties and travel on a takeover cruise, you will find an unbelievable variety of irresistible swinging vacation options.

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