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The Basics of Take-Over Swing Cruises

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What is a takeover swing cruise (lifestyle cruise)?

A takeover cruise is a cruise in which the entire ship has been reserved for couples interested in the swing lifestyle, whether active in the lifestyle, curious, or just looking to spice up their sex life. These cruises require passengers to be at least 18 years of age.

Do we have to be active swingers to go on a takeover swing cruise?

Absolutely not! You and your partner may simply be interested in voyeurism, exhibitionism, or enhancing your sex life. If you are not active in the lifestyle a cruise is a great place to get some experience. People tend to be relaxed and willing to try things they would not normally try at home. You can make your experience on a swing cruise anything you desire!

Are there any restrictions in regards to swapping partners when on a takeover swing cruise?

There are no rules in place to restrict full swapping. However, each couple enjoys different levels of swinging. Some couples are comfortable with swapping partners, with or without their partner present. Other couples prefer to participate in soft swap, voyeurism, or exhibitionism. Regardless of the activity the "rules" are set by each couple. Before an encounter you should discuss these rules with the other couple so that everyone can optimize their pleasure and fun.

May we just watch if we don't want to participate?

When you and your partner are in any lifestyle experience, whether it is a cruise, party, or convention, you may choose not to actively participate. Some swingers do not swap partners or even play with other people- rather, they enjoy having sex in front of others (exhibitionists) or they like to watch others have sex (voyeurs). It is acceptable, on a takeover cruise, to discretely watch other swingers playing together. However, it is NOT acceptable to openly stare unless the other couple invites you.

Can we take pictures while on a takeover cruise?

Due to the intimate nature of a takeover cruise and the activities that occur on these cruises, taking photos is not allowed. You may not take photos or videos with a camera, camcorder, phone or any other device except in the privacy of your own room. Respect the other passengers' privacy and do not attempt to take photos unless they give you permission while in private quarters.

What rules should we be aware of when going on a takeover cruise?

The number one rule of swinging is that "no" means "no". Period.

  • In any swinging situation you do not have to participate if you choose not to. If someone approaches you that you do not wish to swing with simply tell them no up front. You don't want any confusion or miscommunication.
  • On the flip side, when you are the one asking and the person/couple says they are not interested, graciously accept the refusal. Absolutely do not try to convince them that they should say yes when they have already made it clear that they are not interested. Nobody wants to feel pressured, especially when they're supposed to be on vacation on a cruise.
  • When saying "yes" do so with enthusiasm and encouragement...when saying "no" be considerate and tactful. Never beat around the bush by saying "maybe" when you really mean "no."
  • Swingers tend to be an "up-class" crowd. They pride themselves on appearances. Dress to impress and maintain the highest level of cleanliness and grooming.
  • Remain friendly with all swing partners.
  • Do not look into private rooms that are in use (whether they are separated by doors, curtains, entryways, beads or anything else) unless you have been invited.

Use this introduction and guidelines to get started in your swinging and cruising lifestyle. If you have other questions or comments, please feel free to post them to the Cruise Swingers forums.
Happy Cruising!

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