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Swing Travel- An Introduction to Swinging on Any Cruise

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Swinging has become exponentially more popular over the previous decade. With more people in the lifestyle we find more swingers cruises and vacations meant only for those in the lifestyle. However, some swingers prefer to go on a "normal" cruise or vacation but would like a little action sometime during their break. Learn the basics of swinging and swing travel as well as how to find swingers on your next cruise.

What is swinging?

Swinging, in general, is the act of trading partners for sexual pleasure but can also be broadened to include exhibitionism and voyeurism. Usually, swinging refers to sex with someone other than your partner, sex with more than one person simultaneously and group sex. Swinging became more popular in recent decades due to safer sex practices and the availability of birth control. Swingers can be married or unmarried couples but are committed to each other and to bringing pleasure to their partner. People in the swing lifestyle can be from any background, country, sexual orientation, physical build, age, beliefs or occupation. Anyone can participate in swinging- maybe your neighbor, your boss, the mailman or your babysitter...
Swinging is usually used as a way to enhance a couple's relationship, both emotionally and physically. In a poll taken by an independent research group, 89% of swingers confirmed that their relationship with their partner had improved since they entered the swinging lifestyle. When asked why their relationships had improved 72% agreed that swinging increased communication and encouraged them focus on pleasing their partner. Maybe there's more to this swinging thing than most people think!

What is the "lifestyle"?

A lifestyle is defined as the way a person lives or a collection of behaviors. "The Lifestyle" is the way swingers live. Most swingers consider their sexual habits not only one part of their life but an entire lifestyle, which is why swinging is referred to as "the lifestyle." Swingers may ask other swingers "How long have you been in the lifestyle" meaning "How long have you been participating in swinging".

What is swing cruising?

Swing cruising can be one of two things:

  • a cruise that is exclusively swingers (also known as a "takeover")
  • swingers going on a "normal" cruise but open to the opportunity to swing while on the ship

A cruise that is exclusively for swingers is called a "Takeover". For more details please see "What is a takeover?". As for swingers that are going on a "normal" cruise- often couples that are in the lifestyle will take a cruise like any other but they would like to find other swingers to play with while they are on the cruise. Swingers may use to find other swingers on a cruise they have already booked or they may find a cruise that has swingers registered. Some people in the lifestyle will gather a group of swingers and they will go as a group on a "normal" cruise. Groups may also find other swingers or groups of swingers on

What is a "Takeover"?

A "takeover" is cruise that has been chartered as an adult cruise. In other words, the cruise ship has been rented and only swingers are allowed to sign up for that cruise. You do not have to be active in the lifestyle to attend these cruises. However, travelers should keep in mind that nudity and sexually oriented entertainment will be common on the cruise. Passengers must be at least 18 to attend these cruises.

What is the swingers code of conduct?

The foremost rule in the lifestyle is "No Means No". It is essential that everyone respects all other swingers. Everyone wants to have fun but sometimes the definition of fun may be different. Make sure you establish boundaries and an understanding of your partners desires and expectations before engaging in sexual play.

Do we have to be active in the lifestyle to connect with other lifestyle couples on

Absolutely not. Some of our couples enjoy voyeurism or just watching. Every couple is different in their expectations and what they want to get out of swinging. When you find another lifestyle couple on or on a cruise discuss your swinging styles to ensure you are a good match.

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