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Swinging 101

hot, naked women kissing breastsWhat is swinging?

Many couples, straight, bisexual, and gay, view sex as a social practice. These couples find it acceptable to have sexual interactions with someone other than their significant other. In these cases, the swing lifestyle (also known as wife swapping) can significantly improve and enhance their sex lives. Regardless of race, religion, or social class swinging has become a popular choice for dating or married couples. Couples adopting the swing lifestyle often learn more about their partner's sexuality and desires than they had ever known before. Learning, sharing, and experiencing this pleasure together strengthens couples' relationships and encourages communication. Whether exploring your sexuality or expanding your repertoire, the benefits of swinging can go far beyond physical pleasure.

Entering into the Swing Lifestyle

Having an established, loving relationship is key in the lifestyle. Communication, trust, understanding and patience are also vital to a successful swinging relationship. You should be able to share your feelings with each other under any circumstances. It is usually a good idea to discuss your desires, expectations and limits before you enter into any swinging situation. Share your fantasies and desires with each other once you reach an equal understanding and you will be able to truly benefit from what the lifestyle has to offer. By sharing your experiences together you will both grow emotionally and sexually stronger in your relationship.

If your relationship meets the criteria below swinging may enhance both your relationship and your sex life.
  • Your relationship is built on a solid foundation. You have a history together and know each other very well.
  • You have a stable relationship. The lifestyle is not for people with a broken relationship.
  • Both partners are considerate of the emotional needs of the other partner.
  • Both partners are comfortable with the idea of swinging.
  • Communication is one of the strong points of your relationship.
  • Both partners put your relationship first. You will never let the idea of swinging or another swinger get between you and your partner.

Have fun, meet new people, attend clubs, play but don't do anything you don't want to do, or anything that will hurt your partner. Without Trust, Understanding, and COMMUNICATION the full experience of swinging can never be fully enjoyed.

Jealousy and Swinging

Jealousy can arise whether you are new to swinging or have been in the lifestyle for years. Jealousy usually stems from an unbalance of attention in which one partner receives more attention than the other. This can occur in a public place such as at a party or in a more private setting. Jealousy can be short-lived and fleeting or it can build continuously over a longer period of time. These feelings of insecurity can ruin even the best of swinging experiences. A great way to avoid or prevent jealousy is to follow a few guidelines:

  • Only play with others while you and your partner are in the same room unless you have discussed this specifically.
  • Communicate before, during and after the encounter.
  • Establish a "safe word". This is a word that lets your partner know that you are uncomfortable.
  • Listen to each other. If something comes up address it even if it means stopping during sex.
  • Stick to all rules and agreements you may have made with your partner before the encounter.
  • Be reassuring of the commitment and your love for each other.

Remember, whether you call it swinging, the lifestyle, or wife swapping, this is an activity for you both to enjoy.. If at any time jealousy becomes an issue for you and your partner, take time out to work it out together.

Effects on a Relationship

Becoming swingers is a great way to learn more about both your and your partner's sexual interests. The lifestyle offers the opportunity to explore bisexuality, to experience multiple partners, to play in an orgy, and lots more in an environment free of judgment. Many couples find that swinging not only improves their commitment to each other but it also enhances their relationship on a level never reached before. So if you and your partner sound like good candidates for swinging, find a couple to partner with and play, play, play.

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