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Swinger Cruise Packing List

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Where else besides a cruise can you sit back and relax for days at a time- have your bed made, linens washed, food prepared, and entertainment scheduled? The only thing you have to do is pack! Sounds like a relatively small job, right. But forgetting to pack something on a cruise can mean waiting to get that item until you reach a port of call or maybe even until you get home, especially if we're talking about your favorite vibrator! And who would want to go on a whole cruise without the essential sex toys? Therefore, a packing list is in order.

Cruise Packing Tip- separate clothes into 2 suitcases

When packing for your cruise (or any other trip in which you check luggage), consider packing 2 suitcases with clothes for both you and your travel partner in each suitcase. This way if one suitcase is lost or arrives late you both will have clothes. The formal dinner on your cruise wouldn't be much fun if you're in your best evening gown and your hubby is in his swimming trunks and flip-flops. Also, be sure to carry-on anything that you cannot live without for a couple of days (for example, the aforementioned vibrator), just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

Swinger Cruise Travel Essentials

  • Sexy lingerie for the women and nice underwear for the men (don't bring that pair of whitey tighties that has 15 holes!)
  • Nice outfit. Those in the swing lifestyle tend to dress fashionably and elegantly (But don't overdo it. If you're cruising to the Bahamas you can leave the mink at home.)
  • Your favorite lube. Everyone likes different types of lube and many women are sensitive to some types. It's always safest to bring your own.
  • Condoms! O.K., so you meet up with the couple you found on and you've gotten to second base and it's only the first night of your cruise! Better come prepared.
  • Personal wipes. Cruise ships usually provide one towel per person in each room. You don't want to have to clean up with the hosting couple's towels and leave them to drip dry.
  • Your favorite toy. You play with them at home. Why leave them behind when there is imminent group play?
  • Batteries. Inevitably, the batteries will die in that oh-so-amazing vibrator when you need it the most.
  • Sunscreen. How are you going to have 3 other people all over you if your skin is the same color of the lobster you were served at dinner?
  • Massage oil/lotion. A massage is a great way to get things rolling, whether it's with another couple or alone with your sweetie.

Well, as long as you have the essentials covered in the above list you may want to pack a few other items that are a bit more boring but, nevertheless, are also important items to include in your luggage.

Travel Documents, Wallet Items, and Paperwork

  • airline tickets
  • cruise documents
  • passports and visas (if required)
  • vaccination certificate (if required)
  • driver's license and auto insurance card - in case you decide to rent a car while you are at port
  • medical insurance cards and medical history (especially if traveling alone)
  • list of medications and dosages that you are taking
  • a second picture ID
  • credit and debit cards
  • cash or traveler's checks
  • emergency numbers numbers of friends or relatives at home
  • currency conversion chart (or download a currency conversion app onto your cell phone)

Reading Material and Necessities

  • sunglasses
  • glasses, contacts, contact cleaner, contact case
  • guidebooks and other port of call information
  • foreign language phrase book or dictionary
  • maps
  • reading material - books to read while on the plane or lounging by the pool
  • business cards with email address to give out to new cruise friends

Electronics and Camera Equipment

  • plug adapter and converter
  • cell phone and charger (watch out for fees when using your cell phone out of country)
  • camera and memory card
  • disposable underwater camera (for snorkeling or diving if you're planning some underwater exploring)
  • batteries for digital camera

Medicine Kit

  • prescription drugs and any other essential medications in carry on bag
  • germicidal hand cleaner (although cruise ships now usually have these on-board)
  • handi-wipes (for cleaning hands when ashore)
  • hand lotion (this can be useful in more ways than one!)
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen

Now throw in a couple shirts and pants and you're ready to go cruising AND swinging!

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